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If you’re looking for a qualified tree surgeon in Surrey, you’ve come to the right place. Guildford Tree Surgeons are an experienced team of reliable, professional and fully insured arborists with a proven track record providing outstanding tree surgeon services to businesses and residents in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and across the South-East.

With our office in Guildford and our yard in Woking, Guildford Tree Surgeons have built an impressive and loyal client base throughout the local region. From Tree Removal in Guildford to Stump Grinding in Woking, Tree Pruning in Godalming to Hedge Trimming in Chobham, we’ve completed a vast and varied range of tree surgery projects with hundreds of satisfied customers.

We’re are proud of the reputation we’ve worked so hard to build, and total customer satisfaction is always a top priority. If you’d like to see some of the valued customer feedback Guildford Tree Surgeons has received, along with examples of our work, we encourage you to check out our Google Business, Which? Trusted Trader, Buy With Confidence, Yell, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Our friendly, NPTC qualified climbers and ground staff use the latest tools and techniques to ensure we complete your project safely and efficiently with minimum impact to your day. We’re firm believers in preservation, so always try to balance your wants and needs with the tree’s long-term health and the conservation of the environment as a whole.

So whether you’re looking for ongoing maintenance, such as hedge cutting and dead wooding or tree felling and stump removal, we’ll work with you to create a tailored plan to complete your project safely, on time and within budget.

With the idea of budget in mind, you may be pleased to hear that Guildford Tree Surgeons are not VAT registered. VAT registered companies have to allow for the 20% tax in their pricing, so we’re sure you’ll find the pricing of our services extremely competitive.

For a free, no-obligation consultation and quotation from a “Surrey Trading Standards” approved tree surgeon, contact Guildford Tree Surgeons today, and a member of our team will gladly help with your enquiry. 

Our Tree Surgery Services


Tree Felling & Removal

Tree felling/removal is the process of removing an entire tree or group of trees. Although often seen as a last resort, it's a great way to open up space for both your garden and other plant life below.


Tree Pruning & Reductions

Improve the health and aesthetic appearance of your tree/s by allowing us to tackle overgrown canopies, problem branches and localised diseases.


Tree Pollarding

Keep your trees and shrubs under control by removing the top and upper branches to restrict overall height. Ongoing pollarding will help to maintain a fixed height for the life of your tree.


Emergency Tree Work

Whether down to stormy weather, neglected maintenance or an unforeseen mishap, we can help you to overcome any immediate safety issues or inconvenient branches through our emergency tree work service.


Tree Stump Removal

Remove unsightly tree stumps professionally with stump grinding. Ground down any remaining stumps following a tree removal to ensure that old trees no longer take up unnecessary space whilst keeping your garden open and safe.


Planting - Trees & Plants

From bedding in small shrubs to full tree relocations, our trusted contractors can assist with the planting of both new and existing trees.


Hedge & Garden Maintenance

Our services extend far beyond tree shaping, felling and reduction. Our experienced hedge and garden maintenance staff can help you to create a beautiful space for you to enjoy all year round.


Site & Garden Clearance

Remove garden waste from your property with our site clearance service. We'll always ensure that your garden is kept in tip top order before, during and after each project whilst also being on hand to remove any additional garden debris.


Additional Services

Struggling with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or an application for work within a conservation area? Take advantage of our experience to help improve your chances of a successful application process.

Have any questions?

If you require further information about our expert tree surgery services or would like to arrange a FREE quotation call us today on 01483 910361.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form provided and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

    Customer feedback

    We are very proud of the service we provide and love hearing feedback from our greatly valued clients. Read some recent testimonials below or alternatively visit our “Google Business“, “Which? Trusted Trader“ or “Yell“ Profiles.


    2 large conifers removed

    I would highly recommend Mark and his team. They were polite, tidy and got the job done in a very professional manner. 10/10

    Christine F

    Farnham, Surrey

    Hedges Trimmed & Re-Shaped

    Excellent quality of work. I'm very particular when it comes to my hedges and I was very pleased with the result.

    Andrew B

    Woking, Surrey

    Oak reduction

    Very happy with the reduction of my oak tree. Everything was done with great care and for a very competitive price.

    Claire R

    Guildford, Surrey

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    We’ve got lots of great arboricultural advice and updates regarding Guildford Tree Surgeons.

    Buy With Confidence Approved

    In addition to Which? Trusted Traders Guildford Tree Surgeons are now members of ““. Approved businesses are “vetted and approved by Trading Standards […]

    Which? Trusted Trader Approved

    We are happy to announce that Guildford Tree Surgeons are now members of Which? Trusted Traders. You can find our profile and customer […]

    Guildford Tree Surgeons – Answers To The Most Common Tree Surgery FAQs

    Is an Arborist the same as a Tree surgeon?


    When you decide to hire a professional to remove, prune or cut back trees or shrubs on your property or for a commercial site, the first questions you’ll probably ask is “What is a tree surgeon?” and “Is a tree surgeon the same as an arborist?”


    Technically speaking, there is no difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist and the words are interchangeable, although others may beg to differ. In our opinion, the difference between a well qualified, experienced and knowledgable tree surgeon and an arborist is slight.


    Guildford Tree Surgeons and many others involved in the tree industry see the difference as a mear mindset and attitude towards tree work and working practices. For example, as a “tree surgeon” you would only be required to hold qualifications related to tree work, but this does not make you an arborist. Unfortunately, there are now many rogue tree surgeons who may be qualified but are willing to carry out work to an inferior standard which may jeopardise the health of the tree.


    At Guildford Tree Surgeons, we frown upon this behaviour, as it gives everyone in the industry a bad reputation, and we carry out work using British Standard guidelines. Many reputable tree surgeons have now started to term themselves, arborists, in an attempt to distance ourselves from such cowboys. It is our view that an arborist is a highly qualified tree surgeon with years of experience, a deep knowledge of tree physiology and an understanding of the environmental impact any tree work may have.


    Others may argue that an arborist must have a Level 4 Award in Arboriculture. This arboricultural degree/diploma teaches plant pathology, tree assessments and appropriate management techniques to reduces risks and treat disease. Still, we feel the term “arboricultural consultant” better suits an individual holding this qualification.


    With that in mind, we can safely say that all our tree surgeons are passionate arborists. Guildford Tree Surgeons have a love for trees, nature and the environment, and we are dedicated to preserving them. If you require a professional tree inspection or a tree report, we have a network of trusted arboricultural consultants who offer such services.


    What Qualifications do you need to be a Tree surgeon UK?


    As previously mentioned, it is of vital importance that your chosen tree surgeon is qualified and competent to carry out the task required. There are two recognised awarding bodies, NPTC ( and LANTRA ( Both organisations provide qualifications for a vast number of land-based activities, and you must make sure your tree surgeon holds the correct awards. The staff at Guildford Tree Surgeons have many NPTC, and LANTRA awards, too many to list individually, so are available upon request. Rest assured all our operatives hold the relevant qualifications for the tasks they carry out.


    What insurance should a Tree surgeon have?


    Tree surgery, by nature, is a hazardous and high-risk profession, and it is for that reason that you ensure your tree surgeon has adequate cover. As a minimum, the tree contractor should have public and also employee liability insurance. At Guildford Tree Surgeons, we have £5 million Public and Employee liability cover, which protects us, you and the public should anything ever happen.


    How do I find a good Tree Surgeon?


    In addition to checking your tree surgeon has the right qualifications and insurance cover, you should always take time to get some references from previous clients. In the past, this task could be tricky as you would have to ask the contractor for references, and they could provide you with biased or fraudulent referees. Luckily, times have changed, and you can view reviews of previous work at the click of a button. Guildford Tree Surgeons take real pride in our work and hold total customer satisfaction at the core of our business. You can view some of the great feedback we have received via Google Reviews, Which? Trusted Traders and Buy With Confidence, as well as on our social media accounts.


    Why are you not listed on Checkatrade?


    Despite building an excellent reputation on the platform, Guildford Tree Surgeons decided to remove ourselves from Checkatrade as we felt Which? Trusted Traders and Buy With Confidence better represented our company. In our opinion, the trading standards approved, Buy With Confidence and Which? Trusted Traders had a more stringent assessment process meaning only higher-quality businesses are accepted. Checkatrade had also come under some criticism for listing some unscrupulous tree surgery companies along with questionable reviews.


    Do you provide free site visits and no-obligation written quotations?


    Yes, we always suggest a free site visit so we can come to assess your project and discuss your requirements. Once you have decided on what you require, we can then provide you with a written quotation. Contact us today to arrange a site visit and a free quote.


    Can you provide a quotation from photographs and a description?


    Unfortunately, there are often so many variables to consider, so we would only be able to provide you with an estimate without a site visit.



    I would just like some advice about my tree, is that something you can offer?


    Yes, of course, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help or put you in touch with someone who can. We have an extensive network of arboricultural and horticultural contacts.


    How much do tree surgeons cost UK?


    Monetary cost is ultimately one of the most important factors for customers when choosing a tree surgeon and the question of “how much do tree surgeons charge per hour?” gets asked time and time again. The answer to this question is very complicated, as each job must be priced individually due to the number of variables involved. For example here are just a few considerations we would need to make before calculating the cost of the job:

    The size of the tree – more material will result in more material to transport and dispose of.

    The location of the tree and its surroundings – if the tree is in an awkward place or overhangs buildings/property limbs may need to be lowered, and this will increase the time required.

    The distance to travel from tree to truck and chipper – the further the distance to the longer time it will take to transport.

    The health of the tree – if the tree is unhealthy this will increase the risks involved and if it’s too dangerous to climb we may need to price in the cost of a MEWP (Cherry Picker) or Crane.

    Does the location of the tree pose a risk to the public? – if the tree is close to a path or road, we may need to apply and price for closure or traffic management.

    As you can see, there are far too many things to consider to determine an average price per job or hourly rate for a tree surgeon. The best course of action is to utilise our free site visit and quotation service by contacting us today.


    Do you dispose of all the tree waste?


    Most of our clients request us to remove all the arisings from the site; however, if you would like to keep the woodchip or timber that’s entirely up to you. Woodchip has numerous applications around the garden, and there is an increasing demand for timber as firewood. If you require the cordwood cutting to specific length “ready to burn” please make us aware at the time of quoting.


    Do you dispose of stump grindings/chippings/arisings?


    Our chosen method to remove stumps is called stump grinding. We have a high powered machine called a stump grinder which uses teeth on a flywheel to chip the stump into small pieces. The process turns the stump into grindings which mix into the soil and break down naturally over time. At first, you will be left with a small mound but as the chippings break down the mound will level off. WE DO NOT REMOVE GRINDINGS UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE; this is industry standard practice for stump grinding.


    Are my trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in a Conservation Area?


    Many trees and hedges come under the protection of a TPO or because they located in a conservation area. It is illegal to carry out work on trees and hedges of this nature without permission, and both you and the tree contractor may face fines and criminal prosecution. The local planning authority must grant consent BEFORE you commence any work whatsoever.


    Can you check to see if permission is required and submit an application for tree work on my behalf?


    Guildford Tree Surgeons are happy to provide our customers with a complete service; we can check to see if you require permission and submit a TPO application free of charge providing you choose us to complete the tree work. We have submitted many successful applications over the years and have built a strong relationship with many local councils. We can also offer an application to the local authority as a chargeable standalone service if you wish to select another contractor.

    It will take a minimum of 6 weeks to grant permission for work in a conservation area and from 8 weeks for work on trees with TPOs.

    Alternatively, you can always apply yourself; more information is available on the government website here.


    What if we’ve already had an application for work refused by the council?


    If you’ve already had tree work refused, we can take a look at the reasons for refusal and analyse your application. We then use our knowledge of the process to negotiate an agreement or compromise with the planning authority.


    My neighbours trees/hedges are causing me problems, what can I do?


    The first thing you should do is have a conversation with your neighbour to see if you can agree on a schedule of work for the tree. If you are unable to agree, then you usually have the legal right to prune back anything encroaching over the boundary of your property. Please bear in mind; you must still check for Conservation Areas and TPOs.


    Unfortunately, if the height is the issue, you have no legal right to reduce them. You may be able to get the tree removed if it poses a risk to you or your property, but we must still apply for immediate permission from the council under an exemption for dead or dangerous trees.


    Should I inform my neighbours that I’m having tree work carried out?


    We always advise letting your neighbours know when you plan to get tree surgery done. Communication with your neighbours is crucial if your tree borders their garden as we may require access to their property to clear debris. It also allows them to raise any concerns and is just common courtesy. We understand neighbours sometimes don’t get on so if you feel uncomfortable speaking to them, please let us know in advance, and we can speak to them on your behalf. We find people can be more reasonable when in conversation with an impartial third party.


    I would like you to carry out the work at the weekend, is a service you can offer?


    Generally speaking, we don’t advise carrying out work over the weekend unless absolutely necessary. In our experience carrying out tree work on a Saturday or Sunday tends to cause conflict with neighbours due to the noisy nature of our machinery. That said, we are happy to discuss your situation, and if there is no other option, we will certainly consider your request.


    The only exception to this rule is if you have an emergency, where a tree posses risk to property or life. In which case, please call us immediately, and our team of emergency tree surgeons will get to you as soon as possible to make the tree safe and get the situation under control.


    Emergency tree work, I have a dangerous or fallen tree I need dealing with asap, how quickly can you get to me?


    We have a team of arborists and tree surgeons on call to provide 24-hour emergency tree surgeon services 365 days a year. Call us now on 01483 910361, and we will do our very best to get to you when you need us most.


    Why do I need to employ an arborist or tree surgeon?


    If performed incorrectly, tree surgery can be highly hazardous to both life and property. We always recommend the using a trained, qualified and experienced tree surgeon to help minimise risk and ensure the longevity of your trees. Poorly pruned trees not only look bad but may lead to problems in the future which can result in additional expense. Guildford tree surgeons professional arborists take great pride in providing safe, affordable tree work to the highest standard, safeguarding the aesthetics and health of your trees for years to come.


    I’ve decided to use Guildford Tree Surgeons tree services, is there anything I need to do before you come?


    As previously mentioned, it’s always a good idea to inform your neighbours, especially if we are going to require access to their property. If we are using your driveway, we ask that you make sure it’s clear, along with any side access we may require.


    We also ask, if possible, that you clear any items from below or around the tree. Our friendly staff are happy to help on the day, but if there is a lot to move, this can slow us down considerably, and we may need to adjust the price to allow for the added time.


    As a note to DOG & CAT OWNERS, please remove all dog or cat mess from our working area. Having to work around dog and cat mess is far from pleasant and is not something we expect our staff to do. Besides being very unpleasant, it’s also a health and safety risk so our team would be with their rights to refuse to work.

    Free quotes for all your tree surgery requirements

    Our friendly and knowledgable team are here to help..

    Tree Surgeons in Surrey – Areas Covered By Guildford Tree Surgeons


    Based in Surrey, the heart of the south-east, Guildford Tree Surgeons have provided expert tree surgery Surrey wide, from Woking to Farnham and beyond.


    As our name would suggest, we have a solid client base in Guildford and the surrounding towns and villages including Godalming, Bramley and Dorking, to name just a few. So if you live in, around or near Guildford and you’re looking to hire local tree surgeons for a local tree service, then we’re most certainly the ones to call.


    It’s true we mostly operate in Surrey, but our operating area doesn’t stop there, we also provide our arborist and tree surgeon services in Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex and across the South East.


    We have also completed large contracts for companies up and down the UK, so wherever you may be, get in touch, and we’ll gladly discuss your requirements.


    Tree Surgery In Surrey


    As I’m sure you’re aware, there are a large number of tree surgeons in Surrey, and with that in mind, you must take time to ensure the Surrey tree surgeon you hire has the correct credentials and insurance. Guildford Tree Surgeons are reputable, insured and qualified tree surgeons, with a proven track record. If you search tree surgeon Guildford, you can see just a glimpse of the great feedback we have received.


    Tree Felling & Tree Removal Surrey


    Do you need a tree felled in Surrey? Our highly skilled surrey tree surgeons can fell any tree in any location. There are two methods of felling trees, straight felling and sectional felling. Straight felling requires enough space to fell the tree as a whole, whereas sectional felling involves dismantling the tree in pieces. We use ropes and rigging techniques to lower the limbs and stem to the ground safely.


    Tree Pruning Surrey


    Do you require a tree pruning in Surrey? It’s a bad idea to attempt to prune trees without consulting a qualified tree surgeon. If you prune a tree incorrectly or at the wrong time of year it can have a disastrous effect on its future health. Why not let our approved tree surgeons take care of your trees, we’ll have them looking beautiful and healthy for years to come.


    Tree Pollarding Surrey


    Pollarding is the most severe kind of pruning, and you should only prune certain tree species, such as willow, ash or poplar in this manner. Your Guildford Tree Surgeon can assess each tree by their species and offer professional advice as to what method of pruning is best.


    Tree Stump Removal Surrey


    Need a troublesome tree stump grinding in Surrey? Our arborists and tree surgeons have a range of powerful stump grinders to remove stumps of any size in any location. You may be able to hire a stump grinder from your local tool hire shop but operating these machines without adequate training is dangerous and time-consuming. Save yourself the risk and sweat by letting us do it for you.


    Emergency Tree Surgeon Surrey


    Do you have a fallen tree or need an emergency tree surgeon in Surrey? Strong winds and stormy weather can cause lots of damage to trees and sometimes cause them to fall. Our Surrey based tree surgeons are available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a dangerous or fallen tree in need of our emergency tree services, contact us on 01483 910361, we’ll come to you asap, inspect the damage and provide you with a quote.


    Hedge Trimming Surrey


    Do you want your hedges trimmed in Surrey? Guildford Tree Surgeons are well-renowned hedge trimming specialist, we can trim pretty much any hedge, from cutting small hedgerows to topping large conifers. We have in-depth discussions with all our clients to make sure you get the desired look and required result.


    Ivy Removal Surrey


    Ivy, vines an creepers can endanger your properties structure if you fail to maintain it or if it is left to grow without monitoring it closely. If you would like to keep your ivy, our arborists can prune and shape it to your unique specifications. Alternatively, we can sever it at the base and remove it altogether.