Guildford Tree Surgeons – Green Policy

We Care About Our Environment

Nothing is more important to us than the environment in which we work. This is why we have developed a strict green policy that all of our staff will adhere to wherever possible.

Observing Good Practice Guidelines

Our thorough understanding of tree biology coupled with an unwavering respect for the environment enables us to carry out all of our tree surgery projects whilst minimising the stress that is placed on each tree, plant and shrub. We will always look to retain trees wherever possible and will suggest a range of other possibilities to you during your consultation prior to felling. If it’s an option, our replanting service can also help to save trees which would otherwise need to be felled.

Habitat Conservation

Whilst badly managed deadwood can be an eye sore on a property, it can provide a living habitat which thousands of creatures depend on. Important types of fungi also revel in these deadwood environments and damaging them can have a negative impact on your garden.

As part of your consultation, we’ll discuss with you the options for retaining these species by relocating deadwood habitats should the space allow it. Speak to your Guildford Tree Surgeons expert for more information about how we can help you to manage life within these natural spaces.

Power Tools

The use of chainsaws and other power tools are a vital and unavoidable aspect of our job, however that doesn’t mean that we simply use them for the sake of it. We will always try to use hand tools wherever possible in order to help minimise the impact that we have on the environment, both in terms of chemical and noise pollution.

Responsible Recycling

We try wherever possible to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Whether it’s cutting up felled trees for winter logs or simply using wood chips from the stump grinder to fill in exposed holes, we aim to avoid wastage as best as possible.

When we do need to remove waste from a site, it will be disposed of off-site in an environmentally friendly way or recycled to its fullest capacity.


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