Tree Surgeons in Surrey – Areas Covered By Guildford Tree Surgeons


Based in Surrey, the heart of the south-east, Guildford Tree Surgeons have provided expert tree surgery Surrey wide, from Woking to Farnham and beyond.


As our name would suggest, we have a solid client base in Guildford and the surrounding towns and villages including Godalming, Bramley and Dorking, to name just a few. So if you live in, around or near Guildford and you’re looking to hire local tree surgeons for a local tree service, then we’re most certainly the ones to call.


It’s true we mostly operate in Surrey, but our operating area doesn’t stop there, we also provide our arborist and tree surgeon services in Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex and across the South East.


We have also completed large contracts for companies up and down the UK, so wherever you may be, get in touch, and we’ll gladly discuss your requirements.


Tree Surgery In Surrey


As I’m sure you’re aware, there are a large number of tree surgeons in Surrey, and with that in mind, you must take time to ensure the Surrey tree surgeon you hire has the correct credentials and insurance. Guildford Tree Surgeons are reputable, insured and qualified tree surgeons, with a proven track record. If you search tree surgeon Guildford, you can see just a glimpse of the great feedback we have received.


Tree Felling & Tree Removal Surrey


Do you need a tree felled in Surrey? Our highly skilled surrey tree surgeons can fell any tree in any location. There are two methods of felling trees, straight felling and sectional felling. Straight felling requires enough space to fell the tree as a whole, whereas sectional felling involves dismantling the tree in pieces. We use ropes and rigging techniques to lower the limbs and stem to the ground safely.


Tree Pruning Surrey


Do you require a tree pruning in Surrey? It’s a bad idea to attempt to prune trees without consulting a qualified tree surgeon. If you prune a tree incorrectly or at the wrong time of year it can have a disastrous effect on its future health. Why not let our approved tree surgeons take care of your trees, we’ll have them looking beautiful and healthy for years to come.


Tree Pollarding Surrey


Pollarding is the most severe kind of pruning, and you should only prune certain tree species, such as willow, ash or poplar in this manner. Your Guildford Tree Surgeon can assess each tree by their species and offer professional advice as to what method of pruning is best.


Tree Stump Removal Surrey


Need a troublesome tree stump grinding in Surrey? Our arborists and tree surgeons have a range of powerful stump grinders to remove stumps of any size in any location. You may be able to hire a stump grinder from your local tool hire shop but operating these machines without adequate training is dangerous and time-consuming. Save yourself the risk and sweat by letting us do it for you.


Emergency Tree Surgeon Surrey


Do you have a fallen tree or need an emergency tree surgeon in Surrey? Strong winds and stormy weather can cause lots of damage to trees and sometimes cause them to fall. Our Surrey based tree surgeons are available to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a dangerous or fallen tree in need of our emergency tree services, contact us on 01483 910361, we’ll come to you asap, inspect the damage and provide you with a quote.


Hedge Trimming Surrey


Do you want your hedges trimmed in Surrey? Guildford Tree Surgeons are well-renowned hedge trimming specialist, we can trim pretty much any hedge, from cutting small hedgerows to topping large conifers. We have in-depth discussions with all our clients to make sure you get the desired look and required result.


Ivy Removal Surrey


Ivy, vines an creepers can endanger your properties structure if you fail to maintain it or if it is left to grow without monitoring it closely. If you would like to keep your ivy, our arborists can prune and shape it to your unique specifications. Alternatively, we can sever it at the base and remove it altogether.