Tree Felling & Removal

Tree felling is the process of removing an entire tree or group of trees. Although often seen as a last resort, it's a great way to open up space for both your garden and other plant life below.


Tree Pruning

Improve the health and aesthetic appearance of your tree/s by allowing us to tackle overgrown canopies, problem branches and localised diseases.


Tree Pollarding

Keep your trees and shrubs under control by removing the top and upper branches to restrict overall height. Ongoing pollarding will help to maintain a fixed height for the life of your tree.


Emergency Tree Work

Whether down to stormy weather, neglected maintenance or an unforeseen mishap, we can help you to overcome any immediate safety issues or inconvenient branches through our emergency tree work service.


Stump Grinding

Remove unsightly tree stumps professionally with stump grinding. Ground down any remaining stumps following a tree removal to ensure that old trees no longer take up unnecessary space whilst keeping your garden open and safe.



From bedding in small shrubs to full tree relocations, our team can assist with the planting of both new and existing trees.


Hedge & Garden Maintenance

Our services extend far beyond tree shaping, felling and reduction. Our experienced hedge and garden maintenance staff can help you to create a beautiful space for you to enjoy all year round.


Site Clearance

Remove garden waste from your property with our site clearance service. We'll always ensure that your garden is kept in tip top order before, during and after each project whilst also being on hand to remove any additional garden debris.


Additional Services

Struggling with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or an application for work within a conservation area? Take advantage of our experience to help improve your chances of a successful application process.

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