Tree Pruning & Crown Reductions In Surrey, Hampshire & Beyond.


Tree pruning is a targeted, low impact procedure that can help to remove localised diseases, deadwood and potentially hazardous branches. This process can also be used to improve the cosmetic look of your tree/s by opening up additional space and sight lines as well as helping to shape the overall density.

Rather than simply hacking off unwanted branches, tree limbs are pruned in such a way as to promote healthy regrowth without causing unnecessary damage to the tree itself. By taking into account the tree’s size, location and shape, our expert arboriculturists will ensure that your trees are given the best possible chance to recover and flourish.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is a type of tree surgery which is specifically targeted at growing or fledgling trees. Rather than tending to a much larger tree many years down the line, formative pruning allows you to begin influencing the shape and structure of a tree from early on in its life.

This process can help you to avoid large scale (and costly) repairs in the future, as well as ensuring that your tree has the best chance of remaining disease free whilst growing comfortably in a suitably sized space.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a common tree surgery process that involves the careful removal of smaller branches in order to promote a healthy, evenly spread foliage across the crown. It’s essential that a trained professional carries out this task due to the dangers involved working around the crown whilst making sure that enough is left to keep the tree’s natural appearance.

There are a number of reasons why this proves to be a suitable solution. Crown thinning can help to overcome a loss of light to the plants beneath the tree as well as keeping its growth under control in a restricted space.

It can also help to keep the space safe by removing fragile limbs and branches which would otherwise be left to rot and fall at their own accord.

Crown Reduction & Re-Shaping

Crown reduction and re-shaping involves the removal of parts of the crown in order to address issues where the tree has become unbalanced or misshaped. It’s recommended that no more than 30% of the crown is removed in order to avoid leaving a sparse, poorly filled space within the tree.

This technique leaves the tree looking completely natural whilst restricting the size of the crown to fit in with its natural space, and is a great way to avoid the costlier option of relocating a tree to a more suitable area.

Deadwood Removal

Removing deadwood from trees can go a long way to preserving their lives whilst helping to avoid diseases, light blockage and a build up of unnecessary weight.

Deadwood within trees can be beneficial due to the nutrients that they provide, however it’s far more important for trees and the surrounding plants to have access to rainwater, sunlight and space.

Our deadwood removal service also covers the removal of all garden and green waste from both commercial and residential sites in order to help keep your space in tip top condition whilst avoiding diseases from rodents and other unwanted pests.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is an ideal solution for those looking to create more space and a better airflow around the lower reaches of their tree/s.

By removing the lowest branches up to a pre-agreed height, the crown of the tree is effectively raised which can solve a number of issues including light access, sight lines, and even making it easier to mow around the area.

It’s recommended that the crown is not lifted beyond 1/3 of the tree’s overall height in order to reduce stress and increase its natural shape.


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