Bats In Trees

You may not be aware, but experts estimate that 75% of the UK’s bat population roost in the beautiful trees surrounding us. Our precious trees are the perfect environment for bats to live, reproduce and hibernate, providing them with shelter and food in the form of various insects to feed on.

A Pipistrelle bat in a tree

If you’re considering felling, pruning or carrying out any form of tree surgery on your trees, you must be aware that strict laws protect all bat species and their habitats. Damage or destruction to trees inhabiting bats can lead to hefty fines and criminal prosecution. If you suspect bats are roosting in your trees, you should have them surveyed before work begins.

Trees form a vital part of our complex ecosystem, and we must carefully consider all implications of any project you have in mind. Guildford Tree Surgeons have excellent relationships with ecologists and bat specialists who can conduct surveys and provide the best advice on handling bats in your trees. For more information, contact Guildford Tree Surgeons today.