The amount a tree surgeon costs will vary depending on their skills, experience and operating costs. 

The more important question you should ask is, “How much will my tree surgery project cost?”

Each tree surgery task/project will have different demands and, as such, require varying levels of labour and equipment for safe completion.

Other factors which will impact the cost of your tree surgery project include:

The size of the tree

As you would expect, the larger your tree, the more it will cost.

The condition of the tree

Trees in poor condition are more risky to work on, increasing the price.

The positioning of the tree

Trees near utilities or property, which may get damaged, will be more costly. 

In addition, trees in challenging locations will also be more expensive.

Your geographic location

Economic differences and different operating costs mean tree surgery prices will vary depending on your location within the UK.

For example, in most cases, removing a large tree in Surrey is likely to be more expensive than removing the same tree in the North East. 

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