Essentially, a tree surgeon and an arborist do the same work.

In our opinion, the difference concerns how they plan, approach and carry out the work.

An arborist generally has higher qualifications and a deeper understanding of how the work may impact the tree and the environment.

In contrast, a tree surgeon may have the relevant qualifications to complete the work but lack the knowledge of a certified arborist.

For example, a tree surgeon may have tickets to use a chainsaw, fell, climb and prune trees but lack an Arb level 3 certification, which requires time at college.

At Guildford Tree Surgeons, our workforce consists of qualified arborists and tree surgeons. Most are arborists, and the team leaders all hold a minimum level 3 certification in arboriculture.

We approach all our jobs by first identifying your needs, but then we’ll assess, consider and explain how the work may impact the tree and surrounding environment.

As a responsible tree company, we’ll offer eco-friendly solutions to balance your requirements with what’s best for the trees and the environment.

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