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Removing Stumps In Surrey, Hampshire & The South East

A stump grinder on a stump removal project in Surrey by Guildford Tree Surgeons

At Guildford Tree Surgeons, we provide tree stump removal and stump grinding in Guildford, Surrey and other nearby towns and villages.

Cutting down or removing an unwanted tree is one thing, but removing the remaining stump is an entirely separate task.

Removing stumps isn’t always necessary, but most clients remove them for aesthetics or health and safety purposes.

Landscaping and construction projects may also require total stump removal before work can commence. 

If you need to remove a tree stump, contact Guildford Tree Surgeons today.

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How To Remove A Tree Stump

There are several ways to remove a tree stump; however, using a stump grinder is often the quickest and most effective method. 

A stump grinder uses hardened cutting teeth attached to an engine-propelled spinning flywheel to cut the stump into smaller pieces. 

Stump grinding involves sweeping the flywheel from side to side while the teeth progressively grind the stump down to below ground level. 

It is standard industry practice to grind only the main stump buttress and immediate lateral roots to a depth of 25-30cm. 

The stump fragments, also known as grindings, are used to backfill the hole the stump previously occupied. 

The grindings will initially mound above ground level but soon compost down over time.

Backfilling the hole with the grindings helps prevent accidents concerning the void and adds nutrients to the surrounding soil.

If your project requires deeper grinding, additional root removal or disposal of the grindings, make us aware, and we’ll make allowances in the quotation.

Other Ways To Remove A Tree Stump

While stump grinding is our preferred method of removing stumps, a few other options are available, some of which we will discuss below.

Digging Stumps Out

Digging out smaller stumps by hand is possible, although this can be very trying and labour-intensive. 

Alternatively, you could use an excavator, although you’ll require suitable access, and they can often cause mess and ground damage. 

A stump grinder operated by a skilled and qualified professional would offer a more precise and less messy stump removal solution. 

Winching A Stump

Winching stumps out is possible; however, this method will inevitably cause damage to the surrounding ground. 

Depending on the winch type, winching can be very slow and, in some situations, quite dangerous. 

There have been many accounts of winching attempts going wrong, resulting in damage to property or people getting injured. 

Burning Stumps Out

Burning the stump out of the ground is another option, but it would be essential to consider the fire risks involved. 

Fires have the potential to get out of control very quickly and even spread through a tree’s root system. 

Risk assessments and suitable preventive measures must implemented before burning out stumps.

Chemical Stump Remover

Chemical stump removal products can help to prevent regrowth and speed up the rotting process. 

Some tree species, such as willow, can regenerate from just the stump or roots, so applying chemicals like glyphosate may be required. 

Using chemical stump removers to physically remove a stump takes time, so we’d suggest using an alternative for a quicker solution.

While many chemical stump removers are on the market, we recommend and use Eco-Plugs.

Eco-plugs are small plastic cartridges containing glyphosate, which you drill into tree stumps around the cambium.

Once the plugs are correctly positioned, they are hit to release the chemical safely. 

Eco-plugs prevent accidental exposure to the chemicals inside, so they’re ideal for pet owners, parents and stumps in public spaces. 

Stump removal chemicals like glyphosate are dangerous, so read and follow instructions carefully.

Stump Removal Services

We locally provide stump removal in Woking, Milford, Bramley, Godalming, Shamley Green, Chilworth, Albury, Shere, West Clandon, Send, Sutton Green, Mayford, Jacobs Wells, Worplesdon, Fairlands, Normandy, Seale, Farnham, and Compton.

That said, we’re happy to extend our operating area throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, London or any location in the southeast.

For more information on the areas we cover and our stump grinding services or to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation, contact us today. 01483 910361  

If you would like to learn more about stump grinding, you can also visit our dedicated stump removal service website <a “Stump Removal In Surrey” href=””>Surrey Stump Services.




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“This is the second time we have called in Mark and his team. This time he removed 2 very large trees, including a multi-trunk fir, and then stump ground 3 large stumps and many small ones. Mark is always cheerful, extremely knowledgeable and professional to communicate with. He and his team carry out the work extremely efficiently, and leave everything tidy. What’s more, their quotes are always reasonable, (cheaper than others!) and both times have kept within budget. I highly recommend Guildford Tree Surgeons – get a quote now!”

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Removal of stumps.

“Keith came and removed several Conifer stumps from my sloping front garden. Being on a slope it looked a bit tricky with but he just came and got on with it. Great price and a tidy job.”

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Ash tree removal and grinding of stumps.

“We had Mark and Kieth our to remove a small ash tree and a couple of stumps. One of the stumps was shall we say interesting. The tree had grown over a metal fence and had grown against the foundation of next doors patio. Kieth worked like a trooper and actually managed to get the entire stump out. Which he wasn’t sure would be possible. They turned up early, were polite and professional. They left the place in a tidy state. If we need anymore work in the future we know who to ask. Cheers guys.”

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