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We provide fully insured straight and sectional tree felling in Surrey, Hampshire and across the South East.

Our qualified tree surgeons are highly trained and experienced, so we can safely fell any tree in any location.

With £10 million public and employer liability cover, our expert tree felling service is suitable for commercial and domestic clients.

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Tree felling in Surrey by Guildford Tree Surgeons

Generally speaking, there are two methods of felling trees: section tree felling and straight tree felling.

What is Section Tree Felling?

Section tree felling is a felling technique used to fell trees by dismantling them into smaller sections.

Felling a tree in sections becomes necessary when there is limited space in the surrounding area. 

Sectional tree felling allows us to safely fell trees and avoid obstacles such as buildings, roads and utilities.

There are various ways of sectional dismantling trees, but most involve working from the top down using aerial operations.

Methods of Sectional Felling/Dismantling:

Work positioning (Climbing with ropes and a harness)

In tree surgery, work positioning involves a certified climber using ropes and a harness to ascend to the top of a tree to secure an anchor point.

The climber then descends to the lowest point of the canopy before working their way back up, removing branches in manageable sections. 

Depending on the situation, the arborist will use approved cutting methods paired with free fall or roped and rigged lowering techniques.

Ropes and rigging equipment allow the lowering of larger sections and offer greater control compared to free fall techniques.

Standard rigging equipment includes ropes, blocks and pulleys, which use tension and friction to control the branches’branches’ direction and speed.

Rigging involves the climber fixing a pulley to an anchor point in the tree with the strength to hold the weight of the sections. 

The pulley reduces friction on the rope and allows a smoother lowering action, which prevents shock loading and avoids wear on the equipment. 

The rope is attached to the section to be lowered and fed through the pulley and down to a competent person who will control its descent. 

The ground crew may use a rigging block for heavy branches or sections to create more friction and increase control, leading to safer lowering.

Ariel access using a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP)

If a tree is unsafe to climb, we can use a MEWP or cherry picker to access the tree.  

While MEWPs allow access to unsafe trees, they require more space and suitable ground conditions.

Our experienced MEWP operators always conduct comprehensive risk assessments before any work begins.

If conditions are safe, the operator will attach himself to the basket to lower the risk of falling.

Once safely secured, the MEWP operator will dismantle the tree in sections like they would from a working position.

Using a chainsaw from a MEWP requires professional training and should only be performed by a competent operator.

Crane-assisted section tree felling

Similar to section felling using a MEWP, we use crane-assisted dismantling when trees are too dangerous to climb.

The difference between crane-assisted felling and MEWP-assisted felling is that a crane can lift and lower large heavy sections.

Crane-assisted felling is a highly efficient method of dismantling trees, but cranes require significant space and suitable ground conditions.

Further training and experience are vital to safely performing crane work; the operator and climber must be certified in tree-specific operations.

We have qualified arborists, tree surgeons and operators who’vewho’ve successfully used cranes to dismantle trees in the most challenging locations.

Furthermore, we have the correct specialist public and employer tree surgeon insurance covering crane-assisted tree work.

Mechanised sectional tree felling

Mechanised tree dismantling uses machinery to dismantle trees in sections mechanically. 

Grapple saw attachments on excavators, telehandlers, HIABs trucks, and specialist machines can hold, cut, and manoeuvre sections with ease.

Using this type of machinery eliminates the need for a climber and increases safety and productivity.

We have qualified operators and access to the latest mechanised tree-felling machinery, allowing us to offer the safest, most efficient service.

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What is straight tree felling?

Section tree felling is a felling technique used to fell trees in one go in their entirety.

The basic process of felling a tree

When straight-felling, the tree feller will make an initial wedge-shaped cut (gob cut) at the base to determine the direction in which it falls.

The tree feller will then make a secondary felling cut to ensure the tree falls in a safe, fluid, singular motion.

If performed correctly and in the right environment, straight felling is much safer and quicker than section tree felling.

Straight tree felling removes the need to climb trees or work at height, which are incredibly hazardous activities.

The downside of the straight tree felling method is it requires adequate unobstructed space around the tree.

Our qualified straight tree felling specialists assess every straight tree felling project and decide if it’s safe to proceed.

If the risk of straight-felling a tree is too high, we’ll quickly adjust our approach in favour of a more suitable solution.

In addition to felling cuts, we can help guide the direction of a falling tree by using wedges, ropes, winches, vehicles and machinery.

Safety is paramount with straight tree felling as the margin for error is slim, and the risk is significant, especially for larger trees.

If the space and environment allow it, our experienced and certified tree felling experts have the skill to take on any straight tree felling task.

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Tree Removal 

Following tree felling, most clients will request we remove the tree arising from the site. 

Removing trees from challenging locations is one of our specialities, and we have a range of tree surgeon machinery and equipment to assist us.

We usually chip the branches using a wood chipper into the back of our bespoke tree surgery trucks ready to for transportation.

Our team extract timber using machinery and equipment such as skid steers, arb trolleys or, as a last resort, by hand.

The green waste we generate through tree removal is repurposed as woodchips, logs and firewood or sent to power stations as biomass. 

We can provide tree removal as a standalone service, but we often combine it as part of tree felling projects.

Whatever your requirements are, we’ll work with you to deliver the most Cost-effective and efficient solution.

Guildford Tree Surgeons provide tree felling and tree removal in Guildford and its surrounding towns and villages.

Some of our most frequent operating areas include Woking, Godalming, Milford, Bramley, Shamley Green, Chilworth, Albury, Shere, West Clandon, Send, Sutton Green, Mayford, Jacobs Wells, Worplesdon, Fairlands, Normandy, Wanborough, Seale, Farnham, and Compton to name just a few.

But we are also able and willing to provide our tree felling and removal services throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, London or in any location across the southeast.

For more information on the areas we cover or to arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation, get in touch with a member of the team today by calling 01483 910361 or by clicking the link below.



Two large trees removed in garden.

“This is the first time I’ve ever looked for tree surgeons in Guildford as it’s the first house I’ve owned, but I bought it with two large beech trees that needed removing pretty much immediately. I got my quote on Monday and the job was completed by the end of the following week. My garden is actually cleaner now than before they started which was a big plus!! Highly recommend, very friendly, polite and punctual team.”

Customer in Guildford

Tree removal in back garden.

“Did job exactly as he said he would and was recommended by somebody in the local area who did gardening work for relatives, so I recommend. They cover all the Guildford and Woking area and surrounds, advance booking advised as they are busy.”

Customer in Woking

Conifer tree removed.

“Guildford tree surgeons came and did an amazing job felling and stump grinding a large conifer tree my back garden. The tree was over hanging a fence but they got it down with absolutely no damage. Their price was competitive and I’m very pleased with the result.”

Customer in Aldershot

Two dead silver birches removed.

“The Guildford Tree Surgeons team were extremely pleasant to deal with. One of the dead trees had become quite dangerous to climb and had to be felled in a longer piece than the other. But it was brought down carefully with no real damage to our garden which I was very pleased about. I would use this firm again.”

Customer in Woking

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