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Tree Surveys In Surrey, Hampshire & The South East

At Guildford Tree Surgeons, we provide professional tree inspections, surveys and reports in Surrey, Hampshire and across the South East.

Our expert tree consultants are qualified and insured to inspect and survey your trees and then deliver various reports depending on your requirements.

Several types of tree inspections, surveys, and reports are available, so we recommend contacting us to identify your needs and talk you through the options.

For a free consultation regarding tree inspections, tree surveys and tree reports, contact Guildford Tree Surgeons today.

Tree Survey In Surrey By Guildford Tree Surgeons

Who may need a tree inspection, survey or report?

In short, anyone who owns trees or manages land with trees on it.

Why might I need a tree inspection, tree survey or tree report?

There are a few situations in which you may require a tree report, survey or inspection, some of which we’ll discuss below:

Health and Safety

If you own trees or manage land containing trees, you have a legal duty of care to ensure they are safe. 

Common law states that tree owners and managers have an obligation to “take reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions that could reasonably be foreseen as likely to injure one’s neighbour“.

Furthermore, tree owners and managers must ensure the safety of visitors and trespassers on their land under the Occupiers Liability Acts

Building Insurance

If you have trees on the boundary of your property, most building insurers will request an inspection and a report before a policy is issued.

Trees on the perimeter of your property may pose a potential risk, so insurers require assurance of the trees’ general health and condition.

If the tree survey or report identifies any concerns, you may have to address these to validate the policy.

Say you fail to address the issues, the insurer may refuse to provide you with cover, or the premium will cost more to reflect the increase in risk.

Mortgage Lenders

Like building insurance, some mortgage lenders will request an official tree survey and report before approving your mortgage application.

Trees next to buildings and structures can pose a risk of damage through striking and complications with subsidence.

We provide tree surveys and reports to satisfy the requirements of most of the UK’s leading insurers and lenders.

Building Applications

If you have trees on or near your land and intend to submit a planning application, you’ll need a BS5837:2012 tree survey and report. 

A BS5837:2012 tree survey considers the potential impact of proposed work on nearby trees and local wildlife. 

Moreover, they safeguard new developments from encountering future tree issues following construction.

The British standard outlines what information must be gathered from the tree survey and what information should be in the report.  

Contact us to discuss the nature of your requirements or to book an inspection, survey or report with one of our professionals. 

What is the difference between a tree inspection and a tree survey?

Generally speaking, you can use the terms tree inspection or survey interchangeably.

What is a tree report?

A tree report is a formal document presenting the findings gathered following a tree survey/inspection.

There are many different types of tree inspections, tree surveys and tree reports, a few of which include:

Ground Level/Walked Tree Inspection

A tree inspector visually inspects all trees from ground level but only details potentially hazardous trees or those needing remedial work in the tree report.

This type of tree inspection is the most cost-effective surveying solution and is best suited to areas with many trees, such as schools, parks and woodlands. 

Full Tree Survey

A Full Tree Survey is very similar to a Walked Tree Inspection; however, in this instance, every tree on site will detailed in the report.

Although sometimes grouped, every tree is recorded and plotted within the report on a tree location plan. 

This type of tree survey best suits clients seeking a complete inventory of trees within their care.

Aerial /Climbed Tree Inspection

In some cases, a ground-level tree survey may identify issues higher up a tree which may require further investigation.

A climbed tree inspection will allow for better assessment of defects and easier confirmation of potential pests or diseases. 

Aerial tree inspections also offer an opportunity to gather photographic evidence to support the findings and recommendations detailed in a report. 

Mortgage Tree Report

When purchasing a property, mortgage lenders or insurers often require a Mortgage Tree Report, also known as an Arboricultural Report or Homebuyers Tree Report. This report assesses the potential risk of subsidence and damage to your property and neighbouring properties caused by nearby trees. It also identifies the necessary tree management measures, present and future, which helps homebuyers make informed decisions regarding the purchase.

BS5837:2012 Tree Survey

The BS5837:2012 Tree Survey is essential for individuals who intend to modify their property or land with trees nearby. This survey is particularly relevant for those undertaking construction projects or seeking planning permission for property modifications. The primary purpose of the BS5837:2012 Tree Survey is to evaluate any possible limitations that nearby trees may pose, such as root systems or obstruction of sunlight. This survey is a mandatory British Standard requirement for potential construction sites and must be provided before any additional work can proceed.

Guildford Tree Surgeons’ qualified arborists are insured, trained and experienced in providing ground-level and aerial tree inspections throughout Surrey and the South East.

If you have questions or want to book a professional tree survey, inspection or report, contact us today

What services are available to address problems identified during a tree inspection, tree survey or tree report?

If your tree survey identifies any problems with your tree, we can offer valuable suggestions regarding the necessary corrective measures. 

We’re also trained and equipped to perform any suggested corrective tree work to the highest standard. 

From dead wooding and selective pruning to cutting down diseased or hazardous trees in protected areas, Guildford Tree Surgeons are here to help.

Contact us today for friendly advice or to book a free site visit and no obligation with a professional local tree surgeon. 



Two large trees removed in garden.

“This is the first time I’ve ever looked for tree surgeons in Guildford as it’s the first house I’ve owned, but I bought it with two large beech trees that needed removing pretty much immediately. I got my quote on Monday and the job was completed by the end of the following week. My garden is actually cleaner now than before they started which was a big plus!! Highly recommend, very friendly, polite and punctual team.”

Customer in Guildford

Tree removal in back garden.

“Did job exactly as he said he would and was recommended by somebody in the local area who did gardening work for relatives, so I recommend. They cover all the Guildford and Woking area and surrounds, advance booking advised as they are busy.”

Customer in Woking

Conifer tree removed.

“Guildford tree surgeons came and did an amazing job felling and stump grinding a large conifer tree my back garden. The tree was over hanging a fence but they got it down with absolutely no damage. Their price was competitive and I’m very pleased with the result.”

Customer in Aldershot

Two dead silver birches removed.

“The Guildford Tree Surgeons team were extremely pleasant to deal with. One of the dead trees had become quite dangerous to climb and had to be felled in a longer piece than the other. But it was brought down carefully with no real damage to our garden which I was very pleased about. I would use this firm again.”

Customer in Woking

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